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What you need to know about your trip to Greece this summer

One of the safest country in the world for vacations this year is Greece that wins the corona virus bet with the immediate measures it took for the pandemic managed to circumvent the dispersion

Greek scientists are working on health requirements for visitors, as the basic principles behind the new rules are that social distancing is required and that different types of cleaning procedures must be followed more frequently.

1st June opening of 12-month hotels and restaurants.
The opening of seasonal hotels will be allowed after 10-15 june
Hotel staff will be tested regularly to ensure tourists and Greeks themselves are protected.

A lot of hotels maybe remain closed this season because it will be very difficult for them to cover the operating costs.

As questions about when the trips will be repeated remain unanswered, Greece is initially looking for tourists who can reach the country by road.
We will see first the domestic tourism, then the tourists from neighboring countries and then the countries that are in the middle and far away. Travel by road will initially be safer than flights and we will consider this type of tourists earlier ", said the Minister of Tourism

It is unknown at this time which airlines will operate flights to Greece

There will be a reduce in passenger boarding by 50% while checks will be carried out to comply with all the protection measures.

Strict measures for public health, however, will be taken by all the hotels that will open with masks and gloves at their staff while you can even see Plexiglass in reception halls and even on sun loungers.

- In order for a passenger to board a flight from abroad to Greece, he must have received a health certificate within the last 72 hours that he is not a carrier of the coronavirus . Without it, there will be no boarding.

- Flights for up to four hours will not serve food to passengers, but only packaged snacks.

-In each tourist area of ​​the country, the Ministry of Tourism will rent a hotel which will operate as a "quarantine hotel", where tourists who are found to be carriers of the coronavirus will be transported.

- Special training will be provided to the staff of each hotel in special hygiene rules.

- There will be no buffets in the hotels, but only serving, except maybe the very small hotels.

- The sunbeds will be thinned and will have a disposable cover for each swimmer.

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