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Akrotiri is located in the southern part of the island and is 15 km away from Fira. Akrotiri is not exactly a hinterland village as it features coastal line and also a large area that overlooks the caldera. The village itself, however, has been built very close to the sea and at the foot of the Goulas (the highest tower of Akrotiri’s castle city).

Profile: The oldest city of Santorini was developed here. The prehistoric town of Akrotiri, which came to light with the excavations of Spyros Marinatos continued from Christos Dumas, is one of the most important archaeological sights in the Mediterranean. In the medieval period Akrotiri was one of the Kastelia (castle cities) of the island and the Goulas was the last piece of the island passed under the Ottoman rule.
Today is a quiet village with a fishing and agricultural character where in many parts the view to the caldera is staggering.

Attractions: Probably the most important in Santorini. The Archaeological Site of Akrotiri with the city that was buried under the lava after the eruption of the volcano 3500 years ago came to light and today is visitable. Also, the Red Beach, the Goulas and Faros (the lighthouse) are places that should not be missed.

Food: On the beach below the archaeological site you will find a number of seaside taverns serving genuine Santorini cuisine at affordable prices.
Also on the way to the lighthouse is the tavern Giorgaros with great views and a wide selection of fresh fish.

Coffee: In all the way to the Akrotiri and the road to the lighthouse you will find several cafes with magnificent views of the caldera.

Swimming: In the famous Red Beach you will definitely make a stop after following the path (10 minutes walk) and you will take lots of pictures and swim. Alternatively you can go down to swim in Kambia and Mesa Pigadia or take the boat to the nearby White Beach. Essential Akrotiri: Visitors of Santorini are heading to Akrotiri for two basic reasons: the archaeological site and the Red beach. Add to your schedule stop in Goulas, where a museum with traditional music instruments is operating and in the outdoor area you can sit for a coffee plus a visit to the lighthouse where the sunset is truly enchanting. source: santorini365.com

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