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Kastellorizo island is covid-free

The Italian Corriere della Sera for Kastelorizo: "All the inhabitants were vaccinated"

The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, in an article refers to the "Freedom" plan for the vaccination of citizens against the coronavirus in Greece.

The newspaper also states that "this is a specific choice of the Greek government, since the remote islands were selected as the main points for the first and second vaccination", while noting that "in view of the recovery of tourism, to offer areas" Covid free "is an excellent added value, which brings wealth and productive impetus"

"In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's announcement that travel may resume after May 17 has triggered a 630% increase in bookings and major destinations in Greece and Spain,"

Kastelorizo island - Small but Great

The small, car-free town of Kastelorizo looks like a painting, with its harbor full of caiques and its colorful houses with red-tiled roofs.There, you’ll see the public school as well as two churches: one is the island’s 19th-c. cathedral, dedicated to the patron saints Constantine and Helen, and the other is the majestic Church of Aghios Georgios of Santrapé, named after one of the local benefactors, Loukas Santrapé. It was built in the early 20th century, 

The most scenic walking route is the one leading to the Monastery of Aghios Georgios tou Vounou. Visit early in the afternoon and return to the harbor by way of the stone-paved path. It will take you about half an hour, and you’ll enjoy a panoramic view of the harbor, Mandraki and the Turkish coastline across the sea.

Kastelorizo doesn’t have a single sandy beach, even though it has several places for unforgettable dips, from rocky shores to quays with little ladders that make getting into (and out of) the water easy. The most popular spots are in front of the Megisti Hotel at the harbor and, right across, at the Faros Café. Another good option is the concrete platform next to the Agnandi Hotel in Mandraki. In the afternoon, when the sunlight softens, it can be very beautiful in Plakes, which can be reached by boat from the harbor. If you hire a boat, you’ll find emerald waters, shade, sun loungers and a stall selling cold drinks at the nearby islet of Aghios Georgios. The famous Blue Cave is also accessible by boat. The opening in the rock is so small that the boatman will ask you to lie flat to enter. Swimming in the cave, in the stunning reflected light, is a unique experience.

At the harbor in the morning, you can see which taverna gets an express delivery of dusky groupers that are still alive, or where a bonito, sliced down the middle and sprinkled with oregano, is being prepared for the grill. You can see who’s brought in fresh shrimp, which is generally in great abundance and very tasty. Daily availability of fresh fish is a serious enough reason for not wanting to leave the island, even more so given that the prices tend to be very reasonable. Among the best tavernas are Alexandra’s, Lazarakis and Athina. For home-style cuisine, secure a table at Platania Taverna on Horafia Square. Try the stuffed onions, which are known by the Turkish term souam dormasi, and the vrithopites (chickpea fritters).

sources: - photos: Yannis Cotsonis , mark Spyrom, Nikolas Leventakis video: Kevork7

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